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We sale puppies and trained adults (Personal Protection, Police and Sport/Competition).
All dogs are guaranteed

Personal protection:
The dog I choose for personal protection needs to have a naturally strong character, social with people and stable in the environment. He also needs to be tenacious in the face of an aggressive and determined adversary. Depending upon his qualities, the dog for protection may also be a good reproducer.

To obtain a high level in competition, the dog needs to have a strong character, with just a little sensitivity to accept perfect control in his training. This is the dog for competition. The dog for reproducing will always test you and make the control difficult and later impossible. You can compete at the top with what I call a “reproducer”, but only when he is very young and for a very short period of time. Make sure when you call us for puppy you understand what you need.

Pups will be available in early 2012, sired by Urgo des Contes d'Hoffmann. The female is being imported from France, more information will be available soon. These pups will be large with excellent character, full bite, large/strong bodies.

Please call for a complete and updated list of dogs available for sale.

Contes d'Hoffmann Belgian Malinois
(cell) 760-801-1009

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