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Protection Dog Training

Protection training is serious and precise work. It is imperative that the dog be controlled perfectly if we want a dog that can do the job required but is not dangerous. Only a trainer with extensive experience has the skills to do this job. Philippe has been a trainer for active service K9ís in Europe and the United States.

The Difference between sporting dog training and Protection Dog training

The sporting dog will always be trained to bite the suit. The protection dog will start training on the suit to teach him WHERE to bite. It is imperative that the dog work with a trainer in civilian clothes so that the dog will not focus on the suit as if it were a game, making him ineffective in natural situations.

Philippe has worked for Paris subway security, Charles De Gaulle airport and other dog security corporations in France where he saw many ways that assailants try to get past the security dogs.

Please contact us directly to discuss our expertise in protection dog training, and the advanced European training methods we bring.

We breed Malinois (Belgian Shepherds) in the US under the name des Contes d'Hoffmann for police, protection and sport. We also have already trained adult dogs available on occasion.

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