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Generally, one speaks about big problems when the dog becomes so difficult to live with that the handler is ready to see the dog leave. Is this the case with your dog? Be reassured. We have seen some terrible problems in dogs. But, it is necessary that the owner have the will to continue with the training in their home, because we cannot substitute ourselves for the owner at home.

Our evaluation does not commit you to anything. Sometimes we discover that the problem is not so serious. And sometimes on the contrary, the problem comes from you.

Our humane rehabilitation program is tailored to the needs of your family and your dog. Afterwards most dogs live happily with their families for many years. Many of these dogs were brought to us with the untrainable" label. Of course, rehabilitation can only be successful if the owner agrees to follow our program explicitly. The programs are never inhumane but rather require determination and composure.

The owners of the dogs we saved are sending the most customers to us by word of mouth!

         "Every problem has a solution"        

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