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The passion to work with dogs was ignited in me in my youth and has never left me. Always, I have felt the connection to the psychology of the dog.

For many years in France, I trained and handled dogs for film - movies, television and commercials. Veterinarians also sent me their most problematic pet dogs due to my reputation in finding behavior solutions.

Without education, a dogs behavior is governed by his natural instincts. These instincts include:
defense (to defend himself)
flee (to run away)
destruction (digging, chewing, etc)

This behavior can become a problem when he lives in our society. It is your responsibility to take care of your dog, to teach him the rules:

and what other behaviors are prohibited:
stealing food
and any other behaviors which are neccessary for day to day life.

When beginning a course of training sessions, we will start at your house or a nearby park. Later we will do our sessions in various locations, in town, near a shopping mall, at a different park, near a school, etc. to expose your dog to traffic, other people, other animals (dogs, cats, etc), bicycles, children playing, and any other distractions they may come across during their life.

The length of each lesson is dependant upon the individual dogs attention span and reception to the skills being taught. It is neccessary the dog enjoys the learning experience, and this is not damaged.

In general, it will require approximately 10 lessons for your dog to have a solid understanding of the skills being taught. The first 3 or 4 lessons I will take your companion and work with him, while explaining to you the exercises I am teaching. After this we will work together, you will be teaching your dog while I stay beside you and guide you through the methods neccessary for your dog to obtain the desired results.

Training with Tenderness
We are dog trainers with extensive experience and substantial success. Our tools are simple: Regular fur-saver type collar, leash and lots of affection. This is all.

We DO insist on the training of the dog's Master. Our true objective is that you do not need us any more, not to be recognized as being good trainers (we know this already... :-). Because then you will send customers to us!

We will begin with an evaluation of your situation and your dog's temperament. We want to understand your needs and will offer a training plan to meet your expectations.

During the evaluation we can discuss the price of the recommended training plan. Sometimes, a small lesson is enough to solve a problem which is important to the Master but does not present any difficulty to us.

Basic and Advanced Obedience training for all dogs.
If you proceed after our initial meeting, you would be honoring us by entrusting us with the education of your dog, and especially of its master. Often the owner unconsciously teaches the dog bad habits. Not on purpose, of course. But the dog is getting older every day, and the problems get bigger too.

Equally important is the ability of the trainer to transfer his knowledge about each dog to the dog�s owner. He needs to be able to teach the owner who his dog is through an understanding of canine psychology. He must also teach the owner why the dog�s behavior and character are the way they are, as well as how to handle the dog from that point on.

So training the owner becomes just as important as training the dog.

Philippe Belloni brings an experience specializing in canine psychology, which enables him to keep all training positive for both the dogs and their owners.

Boarding and Training
In rare situations or at the request of the Master we will train and board a dog at our facility. However in all cases private lessons with the Master will be included and required.

Between appointments I am available to help you at any time, I'm just a phone call away.

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